File Under "Will Enrage Mark"

We talked about the Sam Peckinpah/Dustin Hoffman film "Straw Dogs" way back on JFD20, much to Mark's dismay, as he loves this movie and we reviewed it on a week he was absent from the show. And now, to add insult to that still un-healed wound, is the trailer for the remake.

I'm always optimistic for remakes, as you may have observed, so I'll probably check this out. I think in our reviews, Kevin and I were pretty much on the same page that we were upset that "nothing happens for the first 55 minutes or so," so maybe this remake will quell our thirst for exciting story telling in the first half of the story.

As a side note, it's crazy that we've been doing this podcast so long that movies we've been all "Apparently they're (re)making X movie and it will be out in the future sometime" in past episodes and now those movies are actually coming out.