JFD's 200th movie reviewed is imminent, audio commentary episode to ensue

Hey, gang. If you'll recall, last November, we reviewed our 100th movie. To celebrate, we recorded a special audio commentary episode. To chose the flick, we put up a handful of movies for yous guys (listeners/buddies) to vote on. Well, "Howard the Duck" won and we did the show. (You can find it Here.) Spoiler Alert: It turns out that movie sucks.

Despite that movie being turds, we had a fun time and people seemed to dig it. If our math is correct, the 200th movie should be hitting us on Episode 69 (hee hee). And, we're gonna have another go around with everyone voting on which movie we should do an audio commentary for! We widdled it down to six flicks, now it's your job to pick our 200th movie!

Below are the choices. To vote, just click the buttons on the poll box in the left sidebar.


  1. picked Klowns... just because it's the only one that I haven't watched recently.

  2. The Blob gets my vote! Killer Klowns would be fun too


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