RED FACTION Movie Premieres Tonight on SyFy (Sat. 06/04 - 9/8c)

RED FACTION: ORIGINS premieres tonight (Sat. 06/04 - 9/8c pm) on SyFy as a SyFy Channel Original Premiere. It is apparently set between the events of the RED FACTION: GUERILLA and RED FACTION: ARMAGEDDON games. I don’t know anything about the newer RED FACTION games, but I have to say that I’m actually kind of excited and intrigued about this idea. I don’t get around to experimenting with too many contemporary video games, even though I appreciate them in theory, but I did get hooked playing RED FACTION II on GameCube with my girlfriend many years ago. We couldn’t afford an XBOX to play HALO, so we tried RF2 out and ended up having a lot of fun with it. We still quote from Sopot’s propaganda speech sometimes, which could be heard everywhere in the game being constantly broadcast on a public address system in the background. If Sopot is in this, which he's probably not, I really hope they use the exact same voice actor's recording, as it was part of the heart and soul of the atmosphere of the RF concept for me. Actually, I rented a movie once (NEXUS 2.431 (1994)) which had a few random scenes in it that made me think about how RF might be turned in to a neat little movie novelty, and now thanks to the wonderful SyFy Channel, all my dreams have come true.