Project Parlor and Junk Food Dinner present: Round 10! (7/5/11)

It's like we can touch you! The landmark 10th round necessitates something special, wouldn't you agree? We thought so. That's why we're proud to announce that this week will be in eye popping (gouging?) 3D! We'll provide glasses, you guys bring your sense of wonder and awe.

The Mask (1961, Canada) [AKA: Face of Fire AKA: Eyes of Hell]

An archaeologist is tormented after finding a mask that produces nightmarish visions and leaves him wondering if he's a murderer. Before his suicide, he mails the cursed mask to his psychiatrist. Is he doomed to suffer the same fate? Is the mask driving him to kill?

Billed as the only 3D film to come out of Canada (and allegedly their first horror film), The Mask is one wild ride with a pretty decent story to boot. A booming voice commands that viewers "PUT THE MASK ON NOW!" (as a cue to put on your 3D glasses!) in order to fully participate in the bugged out 60's visuals and guitar freakouts! The management is not responsible for nervous breakdowns!

Robot Monster (1953, USA) [AKA: Monsters from the Moon]

Ro-Man has destroyed every human on Earth save but a ragtag team of 6 survivors! The Great One will not tolerate failure in this mission, but Ro-Man's got other problems- LOVE. Can the survivors outwit Ro-Man and avoid a painful demise in this harsh wasteland they once called a home? Spoiler: Yes.

As we learned with "Teenagers from Outer Space," making a sci-fi movie on a shoestring budget (and then using that same shoestring as a prop in the movie) can really take it's toll. This is no exception, as you'll see. Reportedly (or maybe "according to legend" sounds better) this film was shot in 4 days and entirely outside! What was the most expensive part of making this movie? Bubble Machine rental? Not getting the deposit back on the gorilla costume you rented? Acting lessons? (No.) Training lizards to dress up like dinosaurs and fight?

Upon it's release, director Phil Tucker attempted suicide after the unforgiving critics panned this film across the board. It's a good thing he didn't succeed or he never would have been able to continue making films like Tijuana After Midnite, Baghdad After Midnite, or The Cape Canaveral Monsters.

Join us for this, as it's sure to be a party. Also, be sure to check out Spectacle Theater all August for 3D programming every Monday all month! Features, shorts, oddities, and more from the 50's to the 80's (and beyond!) Check the Spectacle website for a full list. See you Tuesday! TIP YOUR BARTENDERS!

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