Check out Kevin's band, eh?

Kevin's modesty has probably prevented him from posting this, but lucky for him, I don't have this "modesty" and I'm chock full of shamelessness when it comes to plugging things.

Kevin's band Northwest Ordinance played on our announcer, Juliette's, radio show in Dayton, Ohio recently and if you wanna listen to it, Here is the link to do so.

In related news, Mark and I have no bands.


  1. Parker, you probably don't know this because I am even more modest than Kevin, but I'm in a very well known and exciting band called "MILKDUDES."

  2. I didn't want to say anything because, despite what I said earlier, I am very modest, but I am in a pretty sweet band, too. It's called MilquetoastDudes, we're a Helmet cover band.


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