Cabin in the Woods, oh yeah.

The Joss Whedon-scripted, Chris Hemsworth-starring horror flick "Cabin in the Woods" has been in release limbo for a while now. But, the success of "Thor" (Hemsworth is Thor) and the fact that Joss is directing the most ambitious summer blockbuster ever ("The Avengers") has (probably) led to "Cabin" being released this spring. As such, there's a trailer. If you're interested in trailers, have a look. But, be warned. James Gunn (director of "Slither" and "Super") said that this trailer gives away too much and should probably only be watched if you're undecided about whether you should be excited about this or not.

I'm already excited because of Joss, so I won't be watching this trailer. I'm sick of seeing every kill and every plot twist in every trailer these days and I certainly don't want to get spoiled on what has been called "'Evil Dead' meets 'House of Leaves.'"


  1. It looks like Cube in the woods with a little Nothing But Trouble thrown in for good measure. Scratch that, The Wicker Man.


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