The Last Serbian Virgin

Remember a few weeks ago When we watched "The Last American Virgin?" Well, go listen if not.

Well, the film was a real wacky '80s sex comedy. But I was pretty convinced the main character was a total creep. I thought the film was more like "Big Fan" or "Taxi Driver" than like "Meatballs" or "Porkys." Kevin, however, thought all the rapey scenes were just light-hearted awkward growing pains. I was convinced that Kevin would change his tune if the soundtrack to the movie was creepy, rather than new wavey and fun and up beat.

And so I made this. It's my Serbian cut of the film. Here are some important scenes from the film, but with the theme song from "A Serbian Film" instead of The Cars & DEVO. The film becomes as dark as its main character.

Enjoy. (Or, more accurately, don't.)