Let the voting games commence!!

Hey, Junkies! It's that time again! We're closing in on our 300th movie watched. By our calculations, episode 103 will feature that aforementioned 300th flick, and just like we did with movies 100 and 200, we'll be doing an audio commentary of a cult favorite to celebrate. In the past we endured"Howard the Duck," and "C.H.U.D.". And, like in the past, we're letting the listeners pick which movie we do the commentary for. We're stacking the deck this time, though, so that we don't get stuck watching duck tits or a monster movie with no monsters in it.

So, here are your choices, vote by going to the left to the votey sidebar widget! You have until we record JFD102 to vote!


  1. That was difficult - I love the Warriors- clink, clink, clink, "Warriors, come out to playyyyyyyayyyy." But I would love to make you 3 do a commentary on Breakin'.

  2. My vote went to Ice Cream Man. I've only seen it once, and this would give me an excuse to revisit it. I was pretty torn, though, because I love Monster Squad and think that it would be rad to hear you guys talk about that one as well.


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