Workin' on our Night Claws

Check it! A post that isn't just an episode of the show! Sorry for that, we're very lazy. But I'm not so lazy that I could simply not share this gem. On the next episode of JFD (which will be up later today or tomorrow morning), we'll be talking about David Prior's '80s slasher, "Killer Workout." Prior's current project is "Night Claws," a horror flick about a Bigfeetsman that kills a bunch of teens and campers and stuff. This seems pretty notable due to its lack of CGI in favor of a dude in a sweet Bigfoot suit and Reb Brown (of "Space Mutiny," "The Howling 2" and (The Crappy) "Captain America") as the town's sheriff or something. The movie's apparently wrapped and done and is just looking for distribution. Here's hoping they find it soon!