Thor vs. North Korea: Dead by Red Dawn

Check it, dudes.  The trailer for the "Red Dawn" remake came out today. In it, Thor and the dorky melvin from "The Hunger Games" are America's last defense against a North Korean invasion.  A lot of snowflakes have taken to the internet to whine about how this film is merely propaganda, and perhaps that argument is not without merit. But, you know what? This is also an action movie about dudes fighting dudes. There are no CGI aliens, robots, mutants or dreams within dreams in this movie and that's okay with me. If the North Koreans have to look shady so that I don't have to see another action movie where Will Smith fights aliens, then so be it. I mean, it's not like the North Koreans are real solid dudes in real life, anyway. 

Would changing the invading force to something fictional like "North Badguyistan" improve this film? Probably not. Just because this film implicitly states "Fictional America gets invaded by fictional North Korea" doesn't make it propaganda any more than any other action movie out there. Movies like "Battle: Los Angeles," "X-Men First Class," and "Cowboys vs. Aliens"  all dealt with the invasion of America and the post 9/11 fear of such an invasion in the American Zeitgeist. But, it was done with metaphor and CGI muppets so no one really cared, I guess. Movies like this go back to the dawn of film. Don't get too worked up about it. Besides, I know you all have a VHS copy of "Top Gun" you can't bring yourself to throw away.

Also, propaganda or no, after "Avengers" and "Cabin in the Woods," I'd watch a flick of Chris Hemsworth reading a list of all the ways Kim Jong Il oppressed his people for 90 minutes. That dude is gold.