Schlocktober 3: The Schlockening

It's almost here, Junkies! Our Third(!) Annual Schlocktober celebration! If you're new to the show or are like me and don't remember things that happened last week, much less last year, then let me refresh you. Every October, we celebrate the greatest holiday on Earth by doing a theme show each week concerning a classic Halloween monster. This all leads up to our climactic Halloween show, where we review a trio of movies that place on Halloween (except Mark's pick, as is tradition.)

To get properly ready, you can relive our younger days and listen to Schlocktober Past. JFD79-JFD82 are last year's party (which is still on iTunes, as of right now) and JFD28-JFD32 were Year One, which you can only download on the website these days.

Anyway, here's the list for 2012, which could be the last Schlocktober ever. (Possibly, some dead Mayans believe.) Did we overlook your favorite Halloween movie? Did we get all your favorite classic monsters? Let us know via email at jfdpodcast @ or on Facebook!

JFD129: Vampires

  • Vamp (1986)
  • Jugular Wine (1993)
  • Stake Land (2011)
JFD130: Frankensteins
  • Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)
  • Gothic (1986)
  • Frankenhooker (1990)
JFD131: Killer Dolls
  • Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984)
  • Dolls (1987)
  • Child's Play 2 (1990)
JFD132: Werewolves
  • The Howling (1981)
  • Silver Bullet (1985)
  • An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)
JFD133: Halloween Week
  • The Day after Halloween (1979)
  • Halloween 2 (1981)
  • Night of the Demons (1988)