December Episode Schedule

Hey, dudes. Here's our December schedule. We're taking a week off for Christmas because we plan on playing with all our new toys. No worries, though. You can use that week to catch up on old episodes or to listen to Pool Party or Kevin's band or Awful Flix or go to the Spectacle Theater or something.

Anyway, enjoy this last month of the year and hopefully we don't all die cuz we have some great things planned for January and February!


  • Dr. Detroit (1983)
  • Hologram Man (1995)
  • ThanksKilling 3 (2012)
JFD139: (Post)Apocalypse Theme Show
  • A Boy and His Dog (1975)
  • 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)
  • Miracle Mile (1988)
JFD140: Christmas Theme Show
  • Blast of Silence (1961)
  • Babes in Toyland (1986)
  • Sint (aka Saint) (2010)
JFD141: Don Coscarelli Theme Show
  • Phantasm (1979)
  • Bubba Ho-tep (2002)
  • John Dies at the End (2012)