Check out this trailer for "Of By For"

I realize this bit of Nerd News is not that "junky" as there are no giant rubber monsters (unless you count Ralph Nader), but here's a trailer for an upcoming political documentary titled "Of By For." I think if you're into politics, this will be right up your alley. And if you're not into politics, this is probably even more up your alley.

Of By For Trailer from Old Machine on Vimeo.

One of the guys behind the film, Aaron Keith Harris is a great dude I worked with for a while and has been on Pool Party Radio a few times. In fact, he was recently on this episode to talk about the documentary and about America's best and worst presidents. It's one of my favorite episodes.

Check out the website for "Of By For" here for more info and updates on it. And for a list of the people they interview in the movie. Guys like (spoiler alert) Ron Paul, Al Sharpton, Ralph Nader, Gary Johnson, Dennis Kucinich and tons more.