A Spookies Celebration!

Hey, dudes. If you've been a long-time JFD listener, you'll know that we fucking love the movie Spookies. This movie has it all: Exploding Grim Reapers, a dude who wears a shirt of himself with a puppet, farting mud mummies, people getting old, blue cat gypsy mens and so much more! Well, last week our own Parker joined the dudes at Bloodbaths and Broomsticks to do an audio commentary for the flick (and to celebrate their 50th episode!). You can head on over to their site to donloyd the commentary along with their interviews with some of the Spookies cast.

If you're still hungry for more Spookies, be sure to check out our original Spookies episode (it was one of the first ones. A classic!). You can also watch ( ! ) ol' Mark Freado on The A&P Show with some of the Spookies folks to chat up the movie and have some laughs.


  1. Surprisingly I've never seen this movie, but I do remember the VHS cover from back in the day. Monsters and tits were my thang. I'll probably check it out with the commentary going.

    BTW, on that A&P Show link... I see Andy Warhol, Captain Lou and Ryan Dunn, but where's Mark?


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