Choose Your Own Episode!

In a few weeks, on JFD157, we'll be doing a whole show full of the listener-suggested movies you've emailed or voice-mailed or tweeted in. But here's the rub! We only do three movies a show, and we get literally thousands of suggestions a day. So each of us hosts are picking three of the suggestions and then you Junkies (should you choose to accept the mission) will vote on those nine and whittle them down to three. Hopefully we'll be left with the cream of the crop. Here are our choices and you can vote using the little widget deal in the top left. We're also including the trailers so you can make an informed decision. This isn't a presidential election or some dumb shit, after all.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973)

The Super Inframan (1975)

Devil's Rain (1975)

Phenomena (1985)

The Stabilizer (1986)

Aswang (1994)

Versus (2000)

Funky Forest (2005)

Bellflower (2011)