Design our new logo, and Parker Bowman (the action figure) will be your friend to the end!

Hey, you, Junk Food Junkies! You've been asking yourself, how can I get more JFD into my life? I'm already subscribed on iTunes, you say, and I'm already pouring over your every tweet and Facebook jam, you claim, while rocking one of your many JFD t-shirts. Until now, your options were limited. But now, we have an exciting new development to announce: the arrival of the ultra-limited Parker Bowman action figure!

This Parker Bowman action figure was hand crafted in felted wool by friend of the show Xiangzi Li. It stands a stately 9" tall, and is ready to kick frog ass at a moment's notice. This ultra-limited, super-luxurious fine product is presented in an edition of 1, making it even rarer than the rarest Blood Lake videotapes.

How can I get my grubby paws on this work of art, you ask? Well, we've devised a clever way for you, the listener, to provide us with free slave labor in exchange for fame, glory, and a miniature Parker for your desk/mantle/altar. We are accepting submissions for a new Junk Food Dinner logo, and the lucky winner will receive their very own Parker in the mail. Here are the details:


1. Please send your logo submission to with the subject "Logo Submission".
2. We will be accepting submissions until at least November 1st, so take your time, dudes.
3. Vector art would be sweet. Pixels are okay too but please try for at least 1024x1024 or larger.
4. Get creative and come up with something you feel captures the spirit of the show. There are no restrictions!
5. As an added bonus, one random entrant will receive an awesome THANKSKILLING POSTER in the mail! It's a sweet full-size double-sided one-sheet, too!
6. We'll reserve the right to use any submitted images in any context we see fit, but we will credit the artist whenever possible.

DISCLAMER: We, the makers of the JFD Parker Bowman Action Figure™ cannot provide any warranty for this product; specifically, we cannot provide assurance this doll will not, when you are safely tucked in your bed, arise from its stasis and become not only sentient but murderous. Should this happen to you, do not attempt to chase him to the factory where he was created, nor should you let him follow you to military school.


  1. omg that thing is terrifying, yet adorable.

    wish i had skillz

  2. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a toy of station from bill and teds bogus journey.

  3. Will the doll also hate movies that everyone else regards as classics, while liking utter shit films?


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