We can't decide!! Who gets the Parker Action Figure?

Hey, gang. As we said on the new episode (JFD186), we just can't decide who gets the Parker Action Figure. We've decided that we love more than a few of the submissions and are going to use them for individual things coming up, like the iTunes logo or the website banner or maybe even more soft shirts and stickers. But, who gets the coveted Parker action figure? That's for you to decide! We're gonna post our favorites of the bunch here and then you can vote for your favorite (and most deserving of a tiny Parker) by using the little poll in the top left corner.

We want to thank everyone who sent something in. We love you for spending any time at all drawing or making something for us. You guys really put a skip in our step with all these cool submissions.

#1 Chainsaw VHS

#2 Garbage Pail

#3 Old School Class

#4 Burger Time
#5 Heavy Doobies
#6 VHS Dinner

And, this honorable mention from @Sawfan666 that we won't let you vote for because you'd probably pick it and we'd be stuck with it forever


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