JFD's 600th Movie is Inevitable!

In the midst of all the crazy events going on (Sci Fi Ebruary, our 4th Anniversary, our 200th episode), we have yet another thing to get stoked on: Our 600th movie! We'll be hitting this the first or second week or April. If you've been with us a while, you know that for every hundredth movie, we do an audio commentary episode. You may also remember that what movie we do is entirely up to you!*

*After we whittle down the options to six choices.

In the past, you guys picked Howard the Duck(JFD35), C.H.U.D. (JFD69), The Warriors (JFD103), Transformers: The Movie (JFD137) and Escape From New York (JFD172).

For movie 600, here are your sexy, scary and wacky choices. Vote by using the little votey widget in the top left corner.


  1. Shit my previous comment got deleted when I hit sign out instead of publish, but Congrats regardless. I love those Critters/puppet movies obviously. Have you given more thought of doing Meet the Feebles at some point?


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