Ghoul Summer Masterpost

Here are all the Ghoul Summer episodes of all your favorite podcasts. We'll keep this updated and we encourage any and all podcasts out there to join in! (Except Marc Maron)

Junk Food Dinner
Ghoul Summer 2012
JFD117:Last House on the Left, House on the Edge of the Park and Last House on Dead End Street.
JFD118: The Bunny Game, Nekromantic and Human Centipede 2 w/ Mike Dikk.
Ghoul Summer 2013
JFD170: Ghoul Summer 2013, Martyrs, Taxidermia and Faces of Death w/ Mike Dikk.
Ghoul Summer 2014
JFD222: Ghoul Summer 2014, The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer, Men Behind the Sun and Tetsuo: The Iron Man w/ Memphis Maniac.
JFD223: Ghoul Summer 2014, Cannibal Holocaust, Come and See and the Untold Story w/ Mike Dikk.

Kissing Contest

Bonus Ghoul Chat
Kissing Contest 63: Ghoul Origins
Ghoul Summer 2014
Kissing Contest 194: Remaking Ghoul Movies

Illogical Contraption
Ghoul Summer 2014
What a Ghoul Believes: w/ guest Ghoul director Bill Zebub

Pool Party Radio
Ghoul Summer 2014
Ep. 170: Torture Chat w/ guests Olympic Artichoke Radio
Ep. 171: Recasting our favorite Ghoul Movies

Banshee Jam
Ghoul Summer 2014
Ep. 6: Ghoul Summer