Pick our Schlocktober Movies!

Hey, creeps. We hope you're celebrating Ghoul Summer by getting a nose bleed and not knowing why or getting some food caught in your throat. As you may have seen from your half goth/half rockabilly friends on Facebook, we're just 100 days out from Halloween, which means JFD's 5th annual Schlocktober is right around the bend.

Last year, we did 5 episodes dedicated to 5 of our favorite horror franchises. And this year, we're looking to do the same thing. Except replace "our" with "your." In the top left corner of the site, you'll see a poll. We nominated some franchises we want to honor for Ghoul Summer. Now it's up to you to pick the Top 4. We'll call this around the last week of September, so get voting early and often to make sure we do your Halloween jams!


  1. Is there an actual Ghoul Mp3 Mix?

    1. Could be. I just googled "Ghouls" and got this cool picture, so I am not sure.


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