Pick our 700th movie!!

Hey, Junkies. We know you probably have voter's fatigue after all the Schlocktober voting, but as you have seen, we'll do whatever movies you tell us to, as long as it involves you voting. And our 100th movie/Audio Commentary episodes are no different. Our 700th movie fast approaches and we need you dudes to pick which one it'll be. As is tradition, we'll record an audio commentary for it, so it'll feel like you're watching the movie with three (or maybe even 4) of your goofy JFD pals sitting on your living room floor. In the past, you guys picked Howard the Duck(JFD35), C.H.U.D. (JFD69), The Warriors (JFD103), Transformers: The Movie (JFD137) and Escape From New York (JFD172) and Spring Break (JFD 206)

For movie 700, here are your sexy, scary and wacky choices. Vote by using the little votey widget in the top left corner.


  1. I'm voting for ICE CREAM MAN on the strength of that Clint Howard poster alone. Never saw this movie, let alone heard of it; but will listen to you guys talk about it any day of the week.


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