November Calendar!

Sup, Junkies? Schlocktober will, sadly end eventually. But, the good news is that JFD treks on! We'll be washing the horror of Halloween off with a comedy theme show, looking at some of what 2015 has to offer and we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with Turkey Week! 3 Movies from the country Turkey. Get it? It's a pun!

JFD287: Sketch Comedy Movie Week

  • The Groove Tube (1974)
  • The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)
  • Prime Time (AKA American Raspberry) (1977)
  • Clan of the White Lotus (1980)
  • Fear City (1984)
  • The Quiet Earth (1985)
JFD289: 2015 Week
  • Ex Machina (2015)
  • Turbo Kid (2015)
  • It Follows (2015)
JFD290: Turkey Week
  • 3 Dev Adam (AKA: Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man) (1973)
  • Dünyay Kurtaran Adam (aka Turkish Star Wars) (1982)
  • Korkusuz (AKA Rampage) (AKA Turkish Rambo) (1986)


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