Pick our 900th Movie/Next Audio Commentary!

Hey, SnackPack! It's that time again - Audio Commentary time! Our NINE HUNDREDTH goddamn movie is approaching and it's up to you guys to pick a movie for us to do an audio commentary for. Our fate is in your hands and, unlike the most recent Randomizer episode, bad movies are encouraged. Get out there and vote, Kiddos.

Use the little gray widget in the top left of the page. Or even this widget right here:

Pick our next Audio Commentary
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In the past, you guys picked Howard the Duck (JFD35), C.H.U.D. (JFD69), The Warriors (JFD103), Transformers: The Movie (JFD137), Escape From New York (JFD172), Spring Break (JFD 206) and Ice Cream Man (JFD240) Judgment Night (JFD274).

Here are the choices, Junkies!