JFD Rewind Episode #3 - The Hunger, Elves, Earthquake

With our planet currently engaged in a never-ending cycle of mourning, we took the time to put together a heartfelt tribute to our fallen heroes, because we care. Unlike the other podcast networks' yearly retrospectives, the fine program we deliver to you this week should be free of all crass commercialism (buy a t-shirt) or attempts to exploit the dead (featuring The Ghost of Freado). If your year has been as bad as ours, you'll need this episode to nurse the horrible hangover that 2017 is sure to become.

So it's come to this: yet another Junk Food Dinner clip show. This week on Junk Food Dinner Rewind: a carefully curated collection of the finest unheard listener voicemails, surprising musical beds, and three classic JFD reviews culled from the vaults. And don't worry - it's got just enough original content that JFD completists will feel slightly guilty having skipped it.

Up first! We get arty with some sexy blood-thirsty immortals in 1983’s The Hunger starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. Featuring guest reviewer megastar Jason Frisbie!

Up next! A pretty young mall employee with a severely damaged home life is befriended by a jolly, bearded man (Dan Haggerty, with smoke encircling his head like a wreath) and together they must stop the Nazis from using evil elves and a magic crystal to create a master race in the deeply dark and disturbing Elves from 1989.

Finally! Things get shaky as we take a look at Earthquake from 1974. When 'the big one' finally hits California, it causes mass destruction; crumbled buildings, fucked up roads and dead bodies everywhere. George Kennedy plays a gruff but kind-hearted cop who tries to keep the peace, while Chuck Heston tries to rescue his wife (Ava Gardner) and his mistress (Geneviève Bujold). Throw in appearances by Richard Roundtree as an Evel Knievel-type stuntman and Walter Matthau as the saddest, drunkest pimp/clowns you'll ever see and you've got quite the spectacle.

All this plus witty banter between friends, witty banter between Freados, zero Nerd Newsies, no week's DVD & blu-ray releases, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement, robot voices, musical interludes, sneezes, belches, gleeks and a little bit more!

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