JFD's August Movie Schedule!

Shock & Awegust is back!!

We've got a whole goddamn month full of action movies culminating in our 1,100th movie ever, which we'll do an audio commentary for. Vote for which movie you wanna hear about on the left sidebar over there.

And check out our Patreon if you want YOUR picks to show up on the show.

JFD376 w/ guest Derrick from Astro Radio Z

  • Island of Death (1976)
  • The Bride with White Hair (1993)
  • Deadliest Prey (2013)
JFD377: $10 Patreon Pal Picks
  • Panther Squad (1984) (Picked by Paul)
  • The 13th Warrior (1999) (Picked by Travis)
  • Hardcore Henry (2016) (Picked by Luke)
JFD378: Norris/JCVD/Segal
  • An Eye for an Eye (1981)
  • Cyborg (1989)
  • Cartels (2016)
JFD379: 1,100th movie/audio commentary
  • Vote Now! (????)