November/December Movie Schedule!

Hey, Junkies!! We're still knee-deep in candy corn and horror movies for Schlocktober, but we're also looking ahead to the end of the year. The end of the worst year of all time, 2017. Can we make it that far? Or will nuclear war and melancholy overtake us and see us pass into death?

Only time will tell.

JFD389: Tro-vember

  • Troma's War (1988)
  • Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD (1990)
  • Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV (2004)
JFD390: Patreon Picks
  • Used Cars (1980) (Picked by Doctor P)
  • Class of 1999 (1990) (Picked by Jacob)
  • Attack the Gas Station! (1999) (Picked by Joseph)
JFD391: Originals
  • Cape Fear (1962)
  • The Lift (1983)
  • Death Note (2006)
JFD392: Remakes
  • Cape Fear (1991)
  • The Shaft (2001)
  • Death Note (2017) (picked by Kessa)
JFD393: 2017 Theme
  • Pop Aye (2017)
  • Another Yeti Love Story: Life on the Streets (2017)
  • 68 Kill (2017)
JFD394: Patreon Picks
  • Maximum Overdrive (1986) (Picked by Jon W.)
  • The Nest (1988) (Picked by Joshua H.)
  • Bullet (1996) (Picked by Eric A.)
JFD395: Xmas Movies
  • Xmas Massacre (1975)
  • Get Santa (2014)
  • Better Watch Out (2017)
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