JFD's January Movie Schedule

Hey, Junkies!! We're putting a garbage year behind us and kicking off 2018 correctly. With Fan-uary! In addition to our normal $10 Patreon episode, we'll be doing a $1 Patreon Randomizer. So if you've donated a buck at Patreon make sure you let us know what your Randomizer movie pick is in case your flick is chosen. Outside of that, we'll be going over our Top 2017 movies, having some guests and celebrating the Happy Nude Year!

JFD396: 2017 Week

  • Good Time (2017)
  • Happy Death Day (2017)
  • The Villainess (2017)
JFD397: Happy Nude Year
  • Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (1978)
  • She's so Fine (1985)
  • Busty Cops (2004)
JFD398: $10 Patreon Picks
  • La Grande Bouffe (1973) (Picked by Evan G)
  • Real Genius (1985) (Picked by John T)
  • Only God Forgives (2013) (Picked by Chris B)
JFD399: $1 Patreon Randomizer
  • ??? (??)
  • ??? (??)
  • ??? (??)
As always, if you wanna be a Patreon Buddy and pick some movies for us or just be able to listen to our awesome monthly bonus shows and this month's special Mad Max: Fury Road audio commentary for $1 Patreons, then check us out at Patreon.