JFD396: Good Time, Happy Death Day, The Villainess

We kick off 2018 by taking a look back at the year that was 2017 as we discuss our five favorite movies of the past year. Then we're joined by director and JFD listener Joe Badon who just recently completed his psychedelic low-budget debut The God Inside My Ear.

Up first, brothers Benny and Josh Safdie take us inside the desperate world of a young low-life in New York (Robert Pattinson) who goes through a weird series of events trying to get his brother out of jail and find a Sprite bottle filled with LSD in Good Time.

Next, can a PG-13 Groundhog Day-meets-Scream mash-up really be any good? We find out when we look at Happy Death Day about a college student who has to relive her birthday over and over again and find out who's trying to kill her.

And finally, we take a look at the over-the-top South Korean action thriller The Villainess. In this crime story from director Byung-gil Jung, a female assassin (Ok-bin Kim) is captured by the Korean government and forced to work for them in order to protect her young daughter all while trying to find the person who murdered her father.

All this plus legal weed in California chat, our thrilling New Year's Eve experiences, holiday voicemails, Skype noise, Parker has a cold again and so much more!


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