JFD397: Very Close Encounters of the 4th Kind, Shes so Fine!, Busty Cops

Happy Nude Year, Junkies!

First up, the wacky Italian movie where nerdy students dress up like aliens to trick their science teacher into having sex with them! Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind from 1978!

Next, a woman deals with the idiosyncrasies of her family, friends and weird strange punk rockers before getting married in "She's so Fine! from 1986.

Finally, Jesse Jane, Nikki Nova and Angela Little are foxy police officers tasked with solving a murder in Jim Wynorski's 2004 film, "Busty Cops."

All this, plus DVDs, Nerd News, Memphis Maniacs, Fallen Ones, Learning to Love Again, Kevin gets uncomfortable and we steal the mic from Tommy Wiseau.

Direct Donloyd

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