JFD398: La Grande Bouffe, Real Genius, Only God Forgives

Some podcasts review movies they love. Other review movies they hate. Some podcasts review movies based on phases of the moon. Junk Food Dinner reviews movies that you wanna hear about, and this Patreon-selected episode this week is no exception! Please, enter this winter wonderland with a sense of whimsy in your heart. It'll be what you need to get through these dark days.

First up! Listener Evan G provides us with reason to chat about fart noises for more time than usual, as he's had us watch and discuss the 1973 French/Italian proto-Ghoul flick La Grande Bouffe, in which a gaggle of bored Frenchmen consume large amounts of brown-looking fancy-food to the point of death, all whilst farting up a storm not seen since the days of the blitzkrieg. But is this french-person's attempt at satire tasty enough to bite into? We'll taste-test before you risk disappointment.

And then! Patreon John T has suggested we review 1985's Real Genius, and we do just that! This prank-filled college flick is often compared to Revenge of the Nerds, but can it get by on a closet-bound John Gries alone?

Finally! You'd better believe we're reviewing Only God Forgives from 2013, based on listener Chris B's suggestion. It's one of those movies with all of the weird surreal arty stuff that Sean and probably Kevin like, and Parker will probably hate. But who knows! The power of Nicolas Refn and Ryan Gosling may compel him.

All this plus witty banter between pals, the podcast where an old man learns to love again, Nicolas Refn had a juggalo in his house today, the odds of cartoon fish monsters winning oscars, empty hotel celebrations, the only way Wayne's getting back on JFD ever again, National Pornographic Radio, the rank odor of randomization, the unemployment figures amongst the ranks of modern werewolves, the full-length version of Mant, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, all robbers no cops, semi-wet sneezes, super-mega belches, no rides offered (or taken), sandpaper armpit farts, super-musical beds, snide-ways glances, fresh-squeezed gleekspit and a whole lot more!

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