JFD402: The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man, I Am Legend

The loneliest boys on the Internet are back at it again, together for only this brief window before going their separate ways in an unkind world. In these dim times one of the few shining lights is the presence of our brother Mark Freado, who joins us again this week. And together with him, we review three films based on the 1954 I Am Legend novel by Richard Matheson. Together, we hope to survive the odds and move onwards in our Sci-Fi Ebuary journeys, where we chance to meet again.

First up! We start way back at the start of all the I Am Legend adaptations, with 1964's The Last Man on Earth . This Italian/American co-production stars Vincent Price and a bunch of jazzy hepcat ghouls who wield very scary blocks of wood. It also inspired large portions of Night of the Living Dead! We chat all about that kinda stuff.

And then! You gotta hear about the time we reviewed The Omega Man, from 1971. If you don't hear about it now, you'll be hearing about it for the rest of your life. Specifically how much we liked or disliked Charlton Heston's rampant shirtlessness in this genre-bending adaptation.

Finally! You'd better believe we're reviewing I Am Legend from 2007, because that's the kind of podcast trip we're on. "Welcome to New York!", Will Smith doesn't say to any vampires in this movie, although he probably could have. This is that movie we all remember as being the one Sean saw in the Chinese theatre that one time. Also it's got the bad CGIs. But - get a load of that empty Times Square, wouldya?

All this plus witty banter between pals, Mack the Friendo, Valentine's Day messages for our beloved callers, the impugning of Wayne's journalistic credentials, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, metric sneezes, latent belches, no rides offered (or taken), minor-key nose whistling, THE MUSIC OF COBRAS, snide-ways frozen glances, semi-fresh-squeezed gleekspit and a whole lot more!

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