JFD403: Galaxina, Beach Babes from Beyond, Space Babes from Outer Space

Hang on to your rockets, because this week we blast off with three "space babes" movies for Sci-Fi-ebruary! And we're joined by Heather and Justin of the CompaƱeros podcast.

Up first, Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten plays a sexy space android on a crew of goofy space cops including the dad from Monster Squad in the Crown International Pictures drive-in classic Galaxina from 1980.

Next, a trio of space babes take their parents' spaceship out for a joyride and crash land on Earth where they party with some horny dudes, Joe Estevez and Linnea Quigley in Beach Babes from Beyond from 1993

And finally, one of the most recent entries into the "space babes" subgenre, the aptly-titled Space Babes from Outer Space from 2017. Once again a trio of space babes crash land on earth and need the sexual energy from men to power their ship back home.

All this plus stories about parties at Parker's house, movies that make us cry, kids getting creative at the movie theater, mic issues and so much more!

*We had some issues with Justin's mic so his audio quality/volume is a little off at times. Please forgive us.


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