JFD409: Mighty Peking Man, Shakma, Spymate

BRACE YOURSELF FOR MAXIMUM MONKEYAGE! We're going ape all month long at the JFD headquarters, and it's gonna be just bananas! And these picks are coming straight from our flea-bitten friends over at the Dom Deluise Club?! Week one of APE-RIL, our heartfelt tribute to our hairy animal cousins, falls right out of a tree and into your lap NOW!

First up: what is a Mighty Peking Man, and what does he want? And is he even a monkey? We'll scour the 1977 Shaw Brothers cult classic for answers to these questions and more. But be forewarned: we may be too distracted by jungle boobies to come up with much of a conclusion. Thanks for Patreon pal Kessa for this one!

And then! You gotta hear about the time we reviewed Shakma, from 1990. You know, that weird killer Baboon / Live Action Roleplaying / Roddy McDowall flick filmed in Orlando for approximately five dollars? It's a door-smashing good time, courtesy of Patreon buddy John T!

Finally! We dive headlong into the MVP universe with the 2006 pseudo-sequel-or-spinoff-or-something Spymate, the world-famous chimpanzee secret agent film. Beware of fucked up seatbelt politics and attempts to create an international relations fiasco between friendly nations, and you might come out alive. Thanks(?) to Patreon all-star Justin D for introducing this to us.

All this plus witty banter between pals, milestones in ape cinema, a surprising return of moderate skype noise, turning heads with a silverback, 101 Hamburger Jokes, Parker's normcore image, we hear from Mickey, Elise, and Wayne!, black milk, Parker watches Baseketball while podcasting, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, greasy coughs, mega-belches, no rides offered (or taken), minor-key slide whistling, longing glances, freshly-squeezed gleekspit, tangerine eyelashes and a whole lot more!

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