JFD414: Band of the Hand, Faust, Dirty Work

This week on Junk Food Dinner, we get dirty with Satan in Miami with three very different movies. 

Up first, a group of juvenile delinquents, after getting busted, are sent to the Florida Everglades to learn to survive and work together and the take those skills back to Miami to clean up the streets in Band of the Hand from 1986.

Then, Jan Svankmajer adds his twisted blend of stop motion and live action to the classic Faust story in this 1994 arty surrealist hallucination.

And finally, Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange play two losers who open a revenge-for-hire business in an attempt to raise money for their dying father (Jack Warden) in Dirty Work from 1998 directed by Bob Saget.

All this plus Flesh Gordon t-shirts, fast food history, Movie Pass gripes, movie tie-in collectible glasses, TJ Miller being weird and so much more!


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