JFD417: Alphaville, Animal Instincts, Conspirators of Pleasure

This week things get spicy as we explore the existential, the erotic and the down-right weird, with three very different movies.

Up first, Jean-Luc Godard explores a futuristic society where computers have taken over and emotions are outlawed in the black & white sci-fi noir flick Alphaville from 1965.

Then, Shannon Whirry plays a wife neglected by her cop husband (Maxwell Caulfield) until they discover the erotic world of cuckoldry and voyeurism in the 1992 softcore Cinemax staple Animal Instincts from 1992 directed by Gregory Dark.

And finally, we close out Svank-May-er with the truly bizarre Conspirators of Pleasure from 1996. This dialogue-less Czech film explores the weird sexual kinks of a group of loners who will do just about anything to get off.

All this plus old people not being able to handle their weed, onion-flavored cotton candy, slasher movies where the killer quacks like a duck, Solo chat, puppet lawsuits and so much more!


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