JFD424: The World's Greatest Sinner, Hannie Caulder, The Wages of Fear

This week, podcast impresario Parker Bowman has taken residency in New Vegas, leaving Kevin and Sean to fend for themselves. Not to fear, however, as they are joined by fabulous first-timer Chris Karnes, of JFD theme song fame! Donloyd now to hear our burning hot takes on three bizarre flicks!

Firstly! If you've never sinned before, you might not be ready for The World's Greatest Sinner, from 1962. It's a film starring Timothy Carey, the meanest creature you ever seen. He's rotten to the core - honey, he's no beginner. He's the world's greatest sinner.

Secondly! She was a fine girl, and she could get down with the get down (all the way down), but there's no chance Hannie Caulder from 1971 is gonna do yer laundry! She's a tough old-west broad who'll cut up any wild bunch of guys, even if said bunch is composed at least partially of Ernest Borgnine's bare chest. Raquel Welch stars in this rape-revenge cowgirl flick from the director of Suburban Commando.

Thirdly! Wages of Fear from 1953; the bold & intelligent masters of the road with their secret language, and their giant over-sized mechanical trans-continental hobby horse. This black & white French grampa flick is actually a color-flashing, thunder-crashing, dynamite machine.

All this plus some Joe Bob Briggs Marathon Updates, unexpected twists & turns, Wright State Mysteries at Hangar 13, we talk about that party with a hole in the wall again, the real Last Blockbuster Video, unapologetic Kevin, Whoopi for Prez, Sean calls a movie "a piece", Ernest Borgnine's theoretical nipples, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, varying bodysounds, no rides offered (or taken), off-mic nose whistling, imitation wonderment, muppet baby snakes and a whole lot more!

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