JFD427: The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, Cheerleaders Beach Party, Beach 24

It's Junk Food Dinner's Beach Party Bonanza this week, so break out the surfboards and meet us down by the old Frankie Avalon place for a never-ending evening filled big waves, big babes, and big fun. Embiggen your filmic horizons with another ramshackle selection of movies that may or may not even adhere to the prescribed theme! Hear the sounds of gentle Hawaiian guitars mixing in the ocean breeze! Be surprised by what some consider entertainment! It's an episode of JFD you'll never forget.

And how better to celebrate a Beach Party week on the show than to sit down for a lengthy chat with Douglas Burke, director of SURFER (aka Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear)? Stick through our movie reviews to hear this life-affirming interview at the end of the episode, and then check out his website. There's nothing more fun in the summertime than supporting independent cinema.

But first! It's 1966 and the Beach Party series of films is due for another entry, but the beaches are closed. What's a young Sam Arkoff and the boys at AIP to do?! Why, they've got it! They'll just film this here picture at the old abandoned house on the hill, the one which Mrs Cecily used to own? Yes, that'll do. They'll even get Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, Nancy Sinatra, and a whole host of others to join them for their completely beach-free but not at all insanity-free Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (from 1966)!

Next up! We've got the beach! See the kids just getting out of school? They can't wait to hang out and be cool - hang around 'til quarter after twelve, at a Cheerleader's Beach Party (from 1978). Although it's debatable whether any beach-based partying actually occurs, what is very certain is that these 70's cheerleaders sure were up to some sexual hijinks. Written by seasoned porno & sex-comedy specialist Chuck Vincent.

Finally! What's more enticing than a 59-minute Nigerian Beach Party film? Well, you'll just have to hear our review of Beach 24 (from 2015) to find out. Directed by, produced by and starring Emmanuel Emumahdu. Also starring Cha Cha Eke Fanni, JNR Pope, Prince Eke, Denrele Edun, Ik Ogbonna, Daniel Lloyd, Sharon Frances and Anna Ebele Patricks. WATCH IT YOURSELF NOW (for free on YouTube)!

All this plus steel drums, tropical breezes, chattering seabirds, Hawaiian percussion, rolling waves, surf guitar, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, mild Skype noises, no rides offered (or taken), genuine wonderment, deadly sea serpents and a whole lot more!

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