JFD430: Breaking Point, Threads, Lunatic

It's the final week of Ghoul Summer for this year, and maybe forever if Ghoul Summer heel Kevin Moss gets his way. But can even he stomach this week's trio of ghoulish flicks before making that kind of executive decision? Tune out for the thrilling conclusion to this arbitrary cliffhanger.

Up first! It's another gritty and gross hardcore porno slash exploitation slash rape slash murder film from Sweden, directed by that dude who did Thriller: A Cruel Picture (aka They Call Her One Eye). That's what you've always wanted in a Ghoul Summer flick, right? Not to be confused with the Bo Svenson movie of the same name, it's Breaking Point (from 1975)! An outsourced pick from our pal Justin, will this wildcard play become a Ghoul Summer classic?

Next up! It's Ted Turner's favorite British TV movie about a theoretical nuclear strike on Sheffield England, Threads (from 1984). It's completely ghoulish and nothing more or less. Not suggested by any Justins.

Finally! It's the Ghoul Summer film some JFD hosts are calling "better than Beach 24" - of course, we're talking about the SOV serial killing obscurity Lunatic (from 1999 according to IMDB). It's got more low-budget breast augmentation than a Monday in Beverly Hills. And it was totally recommended by a Justin.

All this plus allusions to out of state felonies, abrupt FaceTime refusals, intense couch-based labor pains, the Buffy Slot Machine report, yet again we produce another signature Fast Food Roundup, basement atmospheres, Cigarette News, the boundaries of Brody Stevens' the Triangle, a special Species report, Thriller-based digressions, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, mild Skype noises, some rides offered (and taken), genuine wonderment, friendly sea serpents and a whole lot more!

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