JFD433: Twister, The Lure, Bone Tomahawk

We LOVE our Patreon donors, who keep this ramshackle little podcasting endeavor afloat week after hellish week. But how can we possibly love all of the movies they're making us review? Forgive us, listeners, if we get a little randy with your picks this week!

Up first! It's not the tornado-based feature you're thinking. It's Twister - no, not that one. This patreon-picked feature stars Crispin Glover, Harry Dean Stanton, and a fairly young Dylan McDermott. It's about a family with some kind of issues or something!

Next up! It's that weird Polish mermaid movie we've been chatting about for awhile, The Lure (from 2015). This weird, dark musical love story has got some shadows of ghoul summer peaking up from the shallows.

Finally! It's the completely rad Bone Tomahawk, also from 2015! Everybody in the world loves this movie, and you will too, so come listen to us chat about it for a bit!

All this plus weird dark things coming to your television, Harry Dean Stanton from The Avengers, Kevin falls in love with a nightclub, Sean gets mean with one of the Wilsons, chop-socky remix phases, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, mild Skype noises, no rides offered (and none taken), cathode ray tubes, funky beats and a whole lot more!

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