JFD439: It's Pat, Orgazmo, Run Ronnie Run

With Halloween out of the way, your Junk Food Dinner boys are ready to celebrate Hallo-WEEN, a new experience in Ween-themed cinematic chats. So put down that crucial squeegie, pick up a slice of taylor ham, and get ready for an audiovisual trip down memory lane you'll never remember!

Up first! It's a sketch. It's a movie. It's a person of indeterminite biological gender. It's Pat from 1994! This Saturday Night Live feature might be a true innovator in the field of SNL movies being awful. Can an uncredited script assist from a young Quentin Tarantino save things? We'll tell ya!

Next up! If you've ever been a young Mormon man in Los Angeles getting accidentally mixed up in the porno business, then you'll know exactly just how true to life Matt Stone and Trey Parker's Orgazmo from 1999 is. And if you haven't yet, well, there's still time.

Finally! It's a third movie with the band WEEN on the soundtrack (yes, that was our theme), and that movie is of course Run Ronnie Run from 2003. Shot years earlier, a troubled post production delayed this Mr Show movie until the world was just ready for another Joe Dirt adjacent comedy. But does it have the yuks?

All this plus one of your trusty hosts is kicked in the dick with a terrible headcold, a collection of saltiness factors, a critical update on the view from the parking lot of the Tease & Please Strip Club, Kevin half-reviews Suspiria (2018), we call out Jake Fogelnest on his inappropriate behavior, low-key gripes about Jock Jams of yesteryear, things that are 'understandable', unknown callers tell us what kinda pornos they're watchin' in there, long-form evening adventures with a man called Travis, the long-awaited reviews of Del Taco and In N Out Burger provided by noted food eater Kevin Moss, Parker Bowman's continued reviews of the latest GWAR album, pixels for propaganda, why not enjoy a cartoon man peeing on a monkey?, our weekly news & Blu-ray Picks, Skype presents a phantom echo, all rides offered are in the past tense, weenie beats and a whole lot more!

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