JFD442: Mandy, Slice, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

With Sean still out of the country, your Junk Food Dinner boys have reached out to the newly crowned King of the Heartland, former movie-ghoul and long-time friend of the show Mike Dikk (of Virtual Pros podcast fame and more) to fill in. Together, we explore the brave new worlds presented by three films released in this very year of 2018.

Up first! It's the movie every cult movie fan is talking about / disagreeing over: Mandy from 2018! We're all very aware of Mike McBeardo McPadden's takes on this surreal revenge fantasy thriller from Canadian director Panos Cosmatos (son of the dude who directed COBRA), but what about our takes? Can we possibly find anything to agree about in regards to this film, or even how much Nic Cage is too much Nic Cage? Donloyd and listen.

Next up! If you've ever wanted to see Zazie Beetz star in a movie from director Austin Vesely, then 2018's Slice is the movie for you. It's the age old tale of Chance the Rapper and his pizza delivery homeboys getting wrapped up in a criminal mystery around town. We'll give you all of our opinions on this movie, free of charge, when you listen to our podcast.

Finally! It's a third movie: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich from 2018. One of the several Puppet Master movies released in recent years within a series of confusing timelines, alternate universes, and odd casting choices, will this one (the one with Tom Lennon) stand out above the pack of toy-based Charles Band productions? We know already and you'll find out soon.

All this plus slow-purge jerk-offs, dangerous episodes, tributes to fallen comrades, off-mic coughs, knocks on doors, an interesting fidelity overall, caller corrections, faith-based healing, our weekly news & Blu-ray Picks, what even is a Skype?, no mention of ride-giving, snazzy beats and a whole lot more!

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