JFD448: Squalor Motel, Babyface 2, Sex and the Single Alien

What kinda pornos are we watching in here? Who are you, Kevin's neighbor? Well, it's Happy Nude Year this week on the podcast, so please afford us this plausible excuse for all the pornography we're watching. We promise to ask Jesus for mercy.

Up first! It's a classic undersung gem of sleazoid porno: Kim Christy's Squalor Motel from 1985! Colleen Brennan, Desiree Lane, Tantala Ray and Jamie Gillis (among others) feature in this new-wave/punk-rock/rinse-dream-y tale of bound pig fuckers in a Reptile Room at a rancid roadside flophouse. Be glad you didn't stumble on this one as a kid, so you can enjoy it more fully and responsibly as an adult.

Next up! It's 1986's Babyface 2, an Alex De Renzy sequel to his own 1977 golden age porno, a celebration of youthful exuberance, and boobs. Lois Ayres, Kristara Barrington, Jerry Butler, Tom Byron and friends star in this freewheeling hardcore feature until Jamie Gillis (yet again) pops up to turn a living room into a Poltergeist house. It's a fun, weird time.

Finally! It's a third movie: Sex and the Single Alien, which does qualify as a movie technically, and did see the light of day in 1993. It's a non-sexual (surprise!) entrant into the genre of alien-based features with minimal/no aliens on-screen. This time: there's a strip club. If you're hankering for an Up All Night vibe, you've probably put up with worse.

All this plus watchin' pornos in certain circles, what kinda Nerd News y'all talkin' about in there?, Parker's hot tumblr takes, everyone's continued strong feelings about the new Suspiria, automatic fleshlight dystopias, even more candid praise for the longboys of Mississippi, triple x blue movie, Kevin loves Letterboxd (and hates us), Kevin reads The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin shows interest in a brutal hardcore roughie, Zip-a-dee-deadpool, Sean slanders Disney again, nihilistic trash, our plan to sue Amazon, our weekly news & Blu-ray Picks, what even is a Skype?, no mention of ride-giving, the sexiest beats and a whole lot more!

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