JFD449: Welcome Home, Brother Charles / Great Texas Dynamite Chase / Rad

We've got three movies picked by our Patreon buddies this week!

First, after a man is released from prison, he gets revenge on the racist cracker cops that put him there in the Jamaa Fanaka flick "Welcome Home, Brother Charles" from 1975.

Next, a couple of fed-up and bored foxes go on a crime spree, robbing banks across the south in "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" from 1976.

Finally, director Hal Needham sends us an angel with the 1986 pop culture explosion about BMX bikers striving for greatness: "Rad."

All this plus Kevin goes balls out, Parker is very upset about parades but very happy about computers, DVDs, Nerd News, Voicemails, Sweetman and so much more!

Direct Donloyd

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  1. I'll second Shawn Byron's idea: it's too late this year, but you could kick off 2020 with "Japanuary." Here are some weird ones with unmistakable JFD-flavor for you:

    Sion Sono:
    Suicide Club (2001)
    Love Exposure (2008)

    Crazy folk tales:
    The Ballad of Narayama (1983)
    Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees (1975)

    Wet and Rope (1979)
    Nuns that Bite (1977)

    Classic Horror:
    Kuroneko (1968)
    Onibaba (1964)

    Contemporary Horror:
    Greatful Dead (2013)

    And a disgusting movie that I turned off after 10-20 minutes and which still haunts me to this day:
    Eat the Schoolgirl (1997)

    1. With Ghoul Summer around the corner, we're not sure if all these picks will survive all the way to Japanuary - but we thank you for submitting them!


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