JFD450: The Fearless Hyena, Armour of God, The Medallion

It's ass kickin' time, kids. We close out the month by celebrating Jackie Chan-uary and watching three flicks from three distinct eras from the greatest stuntman of all time!

Up first, Jackie Chan makes his directorial debut with The Fearless Hyena from 1979. This classic wuxia flick has Jackie in prime physical shape and really hamming it up as a goofball trying to avenge the murder of his grandfather.

Next, we examine one of Chan's big-budget Hong Kong action flicks, Armour of God from 1986. Here we get not only great martial arts, but insane stunt work both on foot and by car. Jackie is forced to infiltrate a cult of horny monks in order to save his ex-girlfriend all while trying to recover the missing pieces of an ancient suit of armor.

And finally, we take a look at The Medallion form 2003. This US/Chinese co-production find Jackie working with Interpol to recover a mysterious young boy who has been kidnapped. Chan finds the boy but is killed in the process, but is brought back to life by the boy and his magical medallion to settle the score as an invincible ghost.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Cruise News, Bauhaus shirts on New Kids, Junk Mail, Nerd News about Invisible Men, Blu-rays from hell and so much more.


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