JFD460: Cube, Saw, The Collector

What happens when three dishelved, irritated podcasters are trapped in a never-ending episode of Junk Food Dinner filled with trap-like technical issues, without even the calming professionalism of Kevin Moss (out on vacation, presumably in Boston)? Well, the results are here and they're not pretty. At least we've got the talents of professional podcaster Mike Dikk (of Cigarette News, Retro Food Ghoul, VRTL Pros, Kissing Contest, and Border Boss fame) to compensate for all of the computer-based failures this Escape-ril episode contains.

Oh, and the movies? We kick off the first ever Escape-ril in the only ways that make any sense at all: with the first entries of the Cube, Saw, and Collector franchises! Help us break free by donloyding now!!

Up first! A perhaps undersung gem of the torture-porn subgenre of horror flicks, or just some cheap Canadian sleaze? We take a look at CUBE from 1997!

Next up! Somehow Kevin Moss has escaped our review of the much-discussed but never-reviewed SAW from 2004!

Finally! Mike Dikk brings us THE COLLECTOR, a Saw-like film from 2009, for reasons he'll explain very clearly!

All this plus another charmingly ramshackle introduction by amateur podcaster Parker Bowman, an immediate call-out of Kevin Moss and his sleepiness status, seasonal baseball chat from your favorite American podcasters, lots of theories and musings as to why Kevin is averse to Saw films, we read actual electronic mails with our eyeballs, Parker revealingly describes two boobs as "less than average", Sean's new catchphrase "that's not spaghetti!", unprecedented levels of technical difficulties, a modicum of wrestlechats (including requests for dead wrestlers), oh man this technology is getting difficult with us, Redbox reportage, Mike identifies his other podcasts by name and describes their content in general terms, Parker continues to avoid Ulthar's transnational touring company, god damnit this audio is broken, aliens versus cubes, the early strangulation death of John-o (is it Jon-oh?), Parker declares the reverse bear trap in Saw "the coolest fucking shit in the world", Sean literally curses this episode by complaining about the audio quality on Mike's own Saw podcast episode (or maybe it's Saw itself that is cursing us??), minor-key nose whistling, our weekly news plus Blu-ray Picks and a whole lot more!

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