JFD471: Stunt Man, Better off Dead, School Spirit

This week on JFD, gentlemen and ladies, the Patreon picks are all about the 80's.

Up first, Steve Railsback is a Vietnam vet and fugitive on the run who stumbles onto the set of a World War I movie being made by Peter O'Toole, who offers him an opportunity to hide-out on his set if agrees to replace their stunt man who has recently died. While on the lamb Railsback learns a thing or two about stunt work and falls in love with the film's star played by Barbara Hershey in 1980's The Stunt Man.

Then, John Cusack plays a high school kid obsessed with his girlfriend until she dumps him for the captain of the ski team, sending him into a suicidal funk until he meets the local French foreign exchange student played by Diane Franklin in Better Off Dead from 1985 directed by Savage Steve Holland.

Finally, a horny college student dies after being hit by a car on his way back from buying a condom, but postpones the afterlife to hang around on Earth for a fews days as a ghost trying to get laid one last time before heading to the Great Beyond in 1985's School Spirit.

All this plus witty banter between friends, we discuss the new Charles Play movie and Sean recounts his real life run-in with Young Charles, $27 plastic fork toys, Dom DeLuise vs Paul Prudhomme chat,  a call from our grandpa  and so much more.


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