JFD472: Captain America (1944 serial), Why Man Creates, Styx: Killroy Was Here (mini-movie)

This week, we return to the deep and largely untapped well of short films for an easy-breezy summertime celebration of friendship, podcasting, and weird videos! It's the perfect antidote to your July 4th hangover (combined with fluids, rest, and federally-regulated painkillers).

Up first! It's the surprisingly violent first installment of the 1944 serialized drama version of Captain America, in which the Captain is for some reason a District Attorney in search of a vibrator. It's old-timey and weird and full of surprises that we chat all about.

Next up! We check in with our old friend Saul Bass (director of Phase IV) and see what all the late sixties Oscar buzz was about in regards to his award-winning 1968 short documentary Why Man Creates. It's a somewhat ramshackle, fairly charming, and wholly unique little collection of brief segments loosely structured around creativity. Plus it's got that signature George Lucas visual style!

Finally! It's a third short: Styx: Killroy Was Here, (aka Styx: Caught in the Act) the 1983 concept-concert-film that nearly killed the treasured rock & roll outfit Styx. Famed musical lunatic Dennis Deyoung masterminded this semi-racist Blade Runner-esque futuretale of the death of rock music, featuring the talents of the director of Poltergeist II and the director of the Making of Thriller, and some kind of allegory about domestic automobile manufacturing. How ridiculous is it? Very.

All this plus a sweaty-journalism fuck-style theorem, an on-scene report from the filming locations of Jack Frost, a surprising return for Face to Face chat, Kevin Moss is Mister Roboto (he's skype-y this week), a look at major league pitching deficiencies in London, more or less Morlocks, partially drunken musings on the current state of affairs in the Blaxploitation world, Parker references Marvel movies, a Pupstar update, throwing shade at Babar the Elephant, shout out to Bosco sticks, our weekly news plus Blu-ray Picks and even more!

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