JFD490: Kuroneko, Polyester, Knock Knock

This week, we've hand picked a heady selection of weird and wild cult films for us to watch and discuss! Donloyd, listen and enjoy along as we chat about 'em, won't you?

Up first! Y'all remember that spooky old Japanese folktale about the black cat and the samurais? No? Well, don't worry because the 1968 film adaptation Kuroneko has got you covered, with extra scary fog and bamboo forests to spare.

Next up! Way back in 1981, a still-semi-fringe John Waters and a still-not-yet-dead Divine threw together another co-lab feature, this time a sort of parody of old school "women's films." The movie we speak of is of course Polyester, not to be confused with the synthetic fabric.

Finally! It's a third film: Knock Knock, the 2015 Eli Roth-directed remake of Death Game with Keanu Reeves and the Free Pizza Speech. Is it better or worse than the original Death Game? Does Keanu do sex? Donloyd now to find out.

All this plus the JFD Halloween Hangover Report, Kwaidan chats, a secret blood oath regarding the new cinematic release The Lighthouse, a semi-censored junkmail from down under, a brief detour into Rancho Cucamonga, Parker pays personal tribute to Seth MacFarlane, is Clive Barker a Sex Creep? we decide 'yes', the fascinating filmography of an Avengers-based pornographer, our weekly news plus Blu-ray Picks and even more!

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