JFD492: Woops! (the Thanksgiving episode), Go Tell Ricky Scrotum, Invaders

Your family may ask that you "dress nicely" for Thanksgiving, but we say come as you are. In fact this week, we're slipping into our most comfortable shorts and settling in with three short films (okay, two short films and a TV episode).

Up first, remember the 1992 Fox TV sitcom Woops! about a group of strangers from various walks of life who survived the apocalypse and live on a farm together? No? We don't either, but we assure you it was a thing! And they made a Thanksgiving episode where a turkey grows to Godzilla-like proportions after eating radioactive food! (Link)

Next, Jackie Buscarino from the Grandma's Virginity podcast and several Cartoon Network shows tells the personal tale of her emotionally abusive mother and apathetic dad and her struggles growing up in the early 1980's in Go Tell Ricky Scrotum from 2010. (Link)

And finally, two criminals in pilgrim masks attempt a home invasion in the all-too-brief but surprisingly violent Invaders from 2014. (Link)

All this plus Parker's failed attempts to see movies, Sean & Kevin's thoughts on Parasite, Twilight Zone chat, olds in theaters, Nerd News, marathon nostalgia, Frank Miller chat, Mr. Boogedy, hot titty milk Blu-Rays and so much more!


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