JFD Rewind #6 - The Re-Rewindening

It's time for JFD Rewind Episode Number Six!

As we perfunctorily explain at the head of each of these annual compilation clip shows, your charming Junk Food Dinner hosts are unwilling and/or unable to perform their regular duties in this very hectic holiday time period. However, as has been explained prior, this inability to produce a new weekly show does not preclude us from our obligation to deliver some form of audio content to the feed.

So it's come to this again: yet another Junk Food Dinner clip show. As we're fond of both the elements of surprise and laziness, we'll forgo the usual descriptors here as to what the actual contents of this cut-and-pasted effort truly are. If you're the sort of curious cat who'd actually donloyd this thing, you'll listen along with us and discover what made the cut for this year's compilation. And if not, you could still pretend you did and probably fool us.

That said, we jammed some pretty good stuff into this year's edition, just because we love y'all so much. If y'all love what ya hear, sign up for our Patreon thing to throw us a few bones (in exchange for some boners).

All this plus witty banter between friends, witty banter between Freados, a hatless miracle, zero Nerd Newsies, no week's DVD & blu-ray releases, partial confidentiality, continued lack of overt police involvement, asynchronous robot voices, overlong musical interludes, rogue boners, wanton sneezes, spooky belches, sinister gleeks and a little bit more!

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